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Site Rules 2023.

·       All payments of ground rent must be received before the due dates , any payments received after the due dates will incur a £100 additional administration charge.  


·         Gas bottles are sold in the site office please ensure that you have enough gas and electric credit on your meter as we are not available out of office hours. ONLY Gas bottles sold at the site office may be used on site.

·         Speed on site is strictly 5 mph.

·         Letting of Caravans is forbidden, you may however allow Immediate Family (Parents, Siblings & Children ) to use your caravan. Anyone found to be renting their caravan will be asked to leave the site with no refund of ground rent.

·         Dogs must be kept on leads at all times on site, to ensure that you are in control of your dog the lead must be no longer than 6ft.. Please ensure you clean up after your dog as failing to do so will lead to you being asked to leave the site.

·         The front field is a play area, please do not play ball games etc. between caravans.Football games are only to be played between the two goals provided and only soft balls to be used, these are available from the office. No football after 7pm.

·         Children using the play area must be supervised at all times.   No children over the age of 12yrs to use the play area.

·         No verandas, sheds, steps or storage boxes are to be brought onto site before approval from the Directors. All storage boxes and sheds must be metal. Any new decking must be supplied by Sunnydecks Ltd.

     To comply with the council site license no items are to be stored under your caravan, any items you wish to store must be kept in your storage shed or inside your caravan

·         You are responsible for keeping your caravan and the area immediately around your caravan clean and tidy.If the grass around your caravan is allowed to become excessively long we will have it strimmed and you will be charged for this.

·         No washing lines or rotary lines are to be erected when not in use. No metal sockets to be left in the ground. Any damage caused to the mower will be charged for.

·         No parking on the grass, unloading only if necessary and only if grass is dry, ask if you are not sure.

·         Strictly household waste only ( Food waste, packaging ,tins etc) which are located between the site bungalow and workshop. Any other large waste ie. electrical items, furniture etc must be taken off site or to the local recycling centre which is in Skegness.

·         All caravans must have a valid gas certificate, electric certificate and insurance , copies of which must be provided to the office.

·         All caravans must have a fire extinguisher and fully working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.

·         All sales of caravans must be notified to the office and subject to them being in a salable condition a commission fee of 15% of the total sale price paid to the office.

·         If you wish to remove your caravan from the site a disconnection fee is payable, please enquire in the office for a price.

·         Caravans cannot be resold after they are 20yrs old but can remain onsite until they are 25 years old, after this they must be removed or part exchanged for a newer model. 


·         Payment of ground rent does not guarantee a specific pitch and we reserve the right on rare occasions to move a caravan to another plot should it become necessary.

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