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Frequently Asked Questions.

1.Can i rent out my caravan ?   

 NO we do not allow owners to rent out their caravans. This ensures the site remains quiet , peaceful and family friendly . However you can allow your Immediate Family ( Parents, Siblings and children ) to use your caravan.

2.Can I bring my dog? 

Yes we allow dogs on the park , But they must be kept on a lead at all times .

3.Where can i buy gas ?

We supply gas at a very competitive price and will deliver and connect directly to your caravan.

4.How do i pay for electric?

Each Caravan has its own individual electric card, you simply bring the card into the office to add credit to the card which you then place into the meter.

5.Can i move my caravan from another site ?

If you already own a caravan on another site and are looking to move we recommend that you sell your caravan on its existing pitch as you will achieve the best price this way. It is expensive to disconnect , transport and reconnect a caravan and you will never recover this cost.

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